What is manipulative physiotherapy?

Manipulative physiotherapy is an advanced manual therapy treatment for musculoskeletal disorder.

Manipulative physiotherapy

Our physical body is composed of our musculoskeletal system or our activity system. The main function of our activity system is to give us the ability to move using our muscular and skeletal system. It basically provides the body support and stability.

The musculoskeletal system describes how bones are connected to the other bones of the body and how they do their movement. However, due to certain diseases and disorders, the function of the activity system might be interrupted.

People do work every day, from their home to their workplace and even doing heavy task. Due to overuse of the body they sometimes feel that their body is slowly losing its coordination. They might feel something painful in their joint and muscles area not knowing that they are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder. Manipulative physiotherapy is the right treatment of this condition.

What is manipulative physiotherapy?

To know which treatment is right for us, we need to know what the real purpose of that treatment is.

Manipulative physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that refers to the hands-on treatment of joint and muscles disorders. Specialized in the area of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, this type of physiotherapy is good in skilled assessing. It is also driven by scientific and clinical evidence to make sure that the diagnosis is correct and accurate.

Manipulative physiotherapists are more highly trained people than other physiotherapists. Manipulative physiotherapists assess musculoskeletal disorder using scientific base assessment. By using their hands, they diagnose if there is any restriction of movement in joint and muscles and inflammation.

Right diagnoses are very important in treating many illnesses and diseases. That’s why it’s very important to diagnose musculoskeletal disorder properly to use the right treatment for the condition. The main goal of manipulative physiotherapy is pain reduction, managing injury, recovery of the damaged joint and muscles and its flexibility, strength and coordination improvement.

Misdiagnosis of the condition may worsen the inflammation and damage of the muscles and joints that may cause serious complications.

Importance of manipulative physiotherapy

Manipulative physiotherapy is important in managing our musculoskeletal pain. It also helps the doctor to diagnose the patients’ case accurately. The doctor can give a long-term health goal to the patient if the assessment and diagnosis is done correctly. Manipulative physiotherapy is also important in treating complex spinal musculoskeletal disorders and preventing other complications.

We need this treatment to ensure that musculoskeletal disorders will be healed. Managed with the right treatment, it can be helpful for achieving someone’s optimal health. It also provides the patients a better treatment and outcome.

Sometimes patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder seek different treatment for their condition. That can be a waste of their time and money. However, if they are rightly diagnosed and assisted by a physiotherapist who is an expert in musculoskeletal disorder, they can save time and money and they can avoid different complications of the condition.

When we need the manipulative physiotherapy?

We can’t just hire manipulative physiotherapist because we just want to. We need to know the right time if we really need the help of the manipulative physiotherapist.

Usually, patients need manipulative physiotherapy if we are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder. Their doctors will advice them to seek manipulative physiotherapist. If we are suffering from this condition we may feel pain, stiffness of the muscles, weakness and poor coordination of the body. We also notice that we move so slow that we can’t do the things we usually do without too much effort.

Techniques used in manipulative physiotherapy

To be able to do manipulative physiotherapy physiotherapist use different techniques to manage musculoskeletal disorder. The following are the some of this:

  • Massage: Massage is a part of treatment in manipulative therapy. Studies say that massage can help to reduce inflammation of the joint and muscles. It promotes softening of the stiff muscles in the affected area.
  • Soft tissue technique: This treatment includes direct pressure to relax the hypertonic muscles. It can stretch the tight fascial structure. Direct pressure is very helpful to make the hypertonic muscle to relax because un-relaxed hypertonic muscles can cause inflammation of the muscles.
  • Myofascial: This therapy targets the fascial and muscle system. It also promotes flexibility and mobility of the joint, muscles and connective tissues. Tight connective tissue can cause pain that will make the person uncomfortable while doing daily tasks.
  • Friction massage: This therapy includes increasing mobilization of the muscles and fascial layers, muscles compartment and other tissues in our body, this type of massage is very beneficial to make the condition better and less stressing to the patient.

Facts about manipulative physiotherapy

  • Manipulative physiotherapy and physical therapy is almost the same thing. People benefit from these therapies in the same way because they are used to rehabilitate the damage joints and muscles. It is just done using different specializations.
  • Obesity can be managed by physiotherapist. It sounds impossible but it’s possible that it can help obesity because it will promote on physical working of patients joints and muscles. Overweight people may be advised doing stretching and other exercises while having a therapy session to make sure that the patient’s body will be responsive with the treatment.
  • Manipulative physiotherapy can treat back pain. Usually, back pain is caused by unaligned muscles because of overwork and reckless action of patients. Massage as a technique used in manipulative physiotherapy can be helpful to reduce and treat back pain.
  • It can also ease chronic pain in the body. Like other pain in the body caused by joint and muscle disorder manipulative pain is used especially if massage is used to treat the muscles pain.
  • Manual therapy can help athletes with their injuries. Using manual physiotherapy the athlete’s injury can be treated right away and permanent joint and muscles damages can be avoided.

Knowing the treatment for our injuries is very important to avoid further complication. Manipulative physiotherapy is very helpful therapy for those who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.

Manipulative physiotherapy

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