Top 5 shoes for the elderly with balance problems

In order to keep a good physical balance, one must look out for the most comfortable kicks that will help keep one from falling.

Top 5 shoes for the elderly

There are cases wherein adults are rushed to the emergency room due to fall-related injuries.

According to one study, one out of three adults over the age of 65 sustains a fall each year.

Balance on however we see it is a positive thing. Be it mentally, emotionally, and socially. However, physical balance also plays an essential role in our everyday life. Most especially for older people, good physical balance is important in order to keep them from life-threatening injuries due to falling.

In 2010, 2.3 million people were reportedly rush to the hospital due to falling, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There are some ways to prevent yourself from falling. And as for the elderly, one way is to choose the right kind of shoes.

How to pick the right shoes?

Aside from the features, there are also some hacks that you can try upon scouting for some pair of kicks. Some said that upon fitting the shoes and it doesn’t feel comfortable or steady, do not buy them.

Some also suggest that you may try twisting the shoes. If the middle part twists, don’t get it.

It’s also possible to try bending the shoes for flexibility. Keep in mind that the toe box area shouldn’t bend much. Anyhow, the shoes shouldn’t be too inflexible and too stiff too.

Choosing the right footwear is also a challenging task most especially for the elderly. This is because we also need to change our shoes as our age continues to change as well. Improper footwear can put your health at risk. Since falling injuries could cause some damage to one’s legs, back, and even on the head.

In order to keep a good physical balance, you must look out for the most comfortable kicks that will help keep you from falling.

Since aging could make decision making hard, we tried our very best to scout for the most recommended shoes for the elderly.

Top 5 shoes to improve balance for the elderly

1. Hush Puppies Gil Slip-on

Some of the best selling points of Hush Puppies Gil rely on its safety and comfort features that the elderly will surely benefit from. It’s not just comfortable alone but this pair is also designed for convenience. Its synthetic sole is a good support for both the foot and the ankle. The outsole is also made to be slip-resistant which makes it perfect to prevent the elderly from falling.

Hush Puppies Gil is also made of the Zero-G lightweight material. Having said, the elder won’t have a hard time walking around with some extra weight. What’s good about Zero-G is that it’s said to be four times lighter than the usual outsole. Aside from that, Zero-G is an effective shock absorber. It also has a removable EVA which provides additional cushion. It also comes with a 1.25-inch heel that can add some up height. The hook-and-loop strap of these shoes will make this pair even more convenient since you can always adjust the strap to make it tight or loose.

Quality wise, Hush Puppies Gil is a great investment. Although the price ranges from mid to upper class, it’s guaranteed that the money won’t go to waste.

2. Propet W3851 Wash & Wear

This product from Propet is never an option. These shoes are made to make you feel comfortable plus it’s very easy to maintain too.

What’s nice about this W3851 is that they made the outsole easy to grip on the ground which could make it easier for the elder to always walk around without having the fear of falling or slipping. Going for a long walk is not impossible now. With Propet W3851, you can go places without his/her legs experiencing fatigue. This is because of its EVA lightweight midsole that reduces chances of getting tired fast. It also has a washable quilted upper that exposure to water won’t even damage the shoe. It also comes with a padded neoprene collar that is stretchable and flexible you won’t have a hard time putting them on.

3. Skechers Go Walk 4 Kindle

We’ve all heard about the amazing products of Skechers. But this Go Walk 4 Kindle, is just a must have for seniors.

One of the best features of these shoes is that it feels like it’s almost seamless since it is designed with only a few seams. You also won’t have to worry about blisters anymore because Go Walk 4 is here to keep both feet cool and dry because of its breathable upper mesh. Basing on the name, this pair promises longer walks since its upper lightly padded throughout the upper foot won’t get hurt anymore. This pair is just too loaded with amazing features – a lightweight, flexible sole, breathable, and slip-on.

This product uses its 5GEN midsole – a full-length foam unit foam that promises proper and better cushioning. Skechers also promote comfortability for seniors with foot deformities because of their wide toe box and Goga Max footbed that helps protect the foot.

4. Hush Puppies Power Walker

Looking for a comfortable pair that will best suit your outfit? Hush Puppies Power Walker it is then! This edition comes with neutral colors that will not only blend well with the OOTD but could also be a good support for the feet.

For high-impact areas, these shoes also have a protection for that. It has as a contoured sole that is perfect for shock absorption. Its leather upper is making it more durable than mesh uppers too. It also has a Dri-lex wicking lining which can help keep the feet from having a foul odor. It also uses ABZORB technology which contributes to its more effective shock absorption.

Many foot doctors would also recommend this edition of Hush Puppies for seniors because apart from its adequate cushioning, it also has a wide opening and interior which helps reduce the stress that could lead to imbalance.

5. Merrell Barrado

Living an active lifestyle is important and choosing the right shoes is too!

With Merrell Barrado, you can now be active and stylish at the same time. Since its upper mesh is lightweight and well ventilated, there’s no need to worry about feet fatigue or stress while going out for extended walks or jog. These shoes are just amazing for traveling too! Since its made of quality materials, they do not come out too bulky it’s easier to travel with this pair of Merrell Barrado. Its synthetic upper mesh with leather trimming adds up to the quality that can help drain water out of the shoes. It even uses antimicrobial technology that is said to be effective in giving the feet a fresh odor.

Why do the elderly need special shoes?

As we continue to age, we should also need more time to go out and exercise. However, what’s the use of going out for a walk or a jog if you would only end up falling due to wrong shoes? It’s actually true that any shoe could work as long as it fits perfectly. But that doesn’t apply with seniors somehow. Old people who have weak ankles must need extra support to keep them from fall-related injuries.

Footwear for seniors must need special features such as overall cushioning, full-foot support, flexibility, comfort features, temperature management, and odor control. By just simply looking after those safety features upon choosing the right kicks could help save an elder from falling.

Keep in mind that as we age, our need changes too. So to avoid health risks, make sure to get extra careful in picking which pair to use.

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