How to Remove Skin Tags Safely in 5 Steps

Skin tags are those loosely developed collagen fiber that can be seen in some parts of the skin.

skin tag removal

Skin tags are those loosely developed collagen fiber that can be seen in some parts of the skin where it is folded. When we say folded, it means, flaps of skin are touching and folded in a way. Example of folded skin is in your neck, eyelids, groins, armpit, and breast. Skin tags love to borrow them because of friction and other unexplained reasons. These growths are not to be worried off because they are generally benign and non-cancerous.

Skin tags are generally painless and unbothered some. However, if they are pulled roughly by a piece of jewelry, a garment, or any sharp thing, they might be quite painful. Others remove it because of cosmetics reason, but the majority of people who have this do not do anything about it and just leaves it that way. If you are thinking of removing it by your own without and expert’s intervention, here are the five steps of doing it on your own safety. To be safer though, you have to have it removed in a hospital or in a dermatology cleaning session.

How to Remove Skin Tags

Some people want to remove skin tags on their own, and others let the experts do the trick. Whatever your decision is, own to the consequences and be careful in doing the procedure. Chances are, most of the things that you will be needed are in the comforts of your home already. The trick of doing a do it yourself procedure is to try to veer away from sniping by tools or doing invasive surgeries that are not clearly your field of expertise. Opt for a more natural way of eliminating skin tags. It might be slow, but it is the safest way of removing them.

The most natural method of removing them is through drying them out until they eventually come off over time. You have many options to choose from in selecting your way of removing your skin tags. However, this article will discuss a particular component in eliminating skin tags in five steps. This active component is tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is a favorite essential oil that dehydrates the skin tags that in turn, makes them dry and fall off over time. The downside is tea tree oil is that it is not scientifically backed and many of its success stories are stories and anecdotes. However, there are logical explanations though that suggests its effectivity. Now, let us go on with the five steps of removing your skin tags by using tea tree essential oil.

1. Mix and Dilute the Tea Tree Oil

A pure tea tree essential oil can be quite harsh especially for the skin. Try to tone it down a little by mixing and diluting it non-harsh oils like jojoba and coconut. In every three to four tablespoons of tea tree essential oil, there should be one tablespoon of the non-harsh essential oil. Add half a teaspoon of sea salt in the mixture too. Mix them well and heat them up in the microwave for up until 1 minute. Put the solution in a little bottle.

2. Clean The Area

Before applying the mixture into your skin, you have to make sure that the area where the skin tags are being cleaned. You can wash it with soap, or if it is in your face, you can use a facial wash to clean it.

3. The Application Process

Get the mixture from the oven, remix the solution and let it cool off. If it is cool enough to apply in your skin, et a clean cloth, soak it in a generous amount of the solution and put it the cloth with the solution directly on the area where the skin tag is. Hold the cloth in your skin for about five to 10 minutes.

4. The Repetition

Repeat the process of applying the solution for two to three times a day and until the skin tags fall entirely off. If you are using a non-diluted version of the solution where you only use pure tea tree essential oil, you can let the solution set in overnight.

5. Clean the Area

If you notice that the skin tags are already drying and falling off, do not stop repeating the process of application except when all of the skin tags fall entirely off. When it does, clean the area with soap and water. Then, apply an antibiotic cream in the area where the skin tags fell off.

The Side Effects and Precaution that You Need to Take Note Of

Tea tree oil is a harsh essential oil. Not everyone is suited to this essential oil. Before dabbing it away in your skin, do a little skin patch test first. The skin patch test is a test to determine whether your skin will have a reaction on the essential oil or not. If not, then it’s essentially suitable for your skin, if you develop rashes, red streaks or boils chances are, your skin is too sensitive for the essential oil. To do a patch skin test, swab a little bit of the tea tree essential oil in areas prone to reactions. These areas are behind your ears, jawline, and the insides of your arms. Leave it in one to two days.

Since tea tree essential oil is a hash oil, you should try not to get it in your eyes, if it does, wash your eyes thoroughly in running water. Tea tree essential oil is essentially toxic especially when ingested. Do not attempt to drink it or put it in fresh wounds.

Skin tag removal is usually simple, safe and will not develop any infection. Yes, infection is less likely to happen but just in case, we need to take measure to prevent the infection from happening. Right after cleaning the area where the skin tags fell off, put antibiotic cream on the area. If it infected, go and see a doctor.

When Should You See a Doctor

You should see a doctor when the tea tree essential oil process is not working for you, and it has been weeks already, but no changes are happening. A doctor’s intervention is quite easy and fast. You can get rid of the skin tags in one session only. Before immersing in a method, the doctor will numb the area by using anesthesia. Here are the methods that he or she might possibly do:

Quick Surgery Fix

The doctor will snip off the skin tags by sterile scissors or scalpel. There will be a stitch or none depending on the location and surface area of the skin tag.


The doctor or dermatologist will use heat to eliminate skin tags. He or she will selectively burn the skin tags until it dries off and falls.

skin tag removal


Medically reviewed by Catherine Hannan, MD on August 28, 2017 — Written by Valencia Higuera

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