Purple Rice Health Benefits

Purple rice offers a more healthy option for acquiring the good carbs your body needs. Read more about this nutritional option many are choosing today.

Purple rice is healthy source of carbs

Brown rice, red rice, white rice, and you may have also heard of purple rice somewhere in a menu or perhaps it was recommended by health-minded friends. In this fast-developing food age, we are fortunate that the farming and food manufacturing industry is now able to cultivate a range of nutrition-packed goods that provide us organic and healthy eating choices. Purple rice makes one of these. It is nuttier in flavor than other types of rice because of its black bran content. This gives the rice more dietary fiber that helps with faster weight loss.

The purple jasmine rice or purple sticky rice varieties heighten good cholesterol levels in your body. Based on a study by the agriculture and food chemistry journal, this favorable rice contains more antioxidants compared to regular rice like white rice that contains sugar. Antioxidants are responsible for fighting certain cancers, which is good news for your health.

Many health-conscious individuals are becoming pickier with their dietary selections, and choose purple jasmine rice, which has no fat. Purple jasmine type makes up a hundred calories per half a cooked cup, while the whole sticky purple rice option is still at a low 160 calories. This rice does wonders. Learn more about this sensational staple that invades menus and appetites for many food lovers today.

Reasons to Love Purple Rice

Nutritional advantages

Purple rice offers a range of health benefits. It is a reliable source for good carbs, carries a decent amount of B vitamins plus iron that help oxygen transport and body movement, moderate amounts of protein, and dietary fiber which is enough to meet the 34g (men) and 28g (women) daily requirement recommended by health experts when taken in good quantity. That is some good rice there. Additionally, it is full of phytonutrients that reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Rich in antioxidants

Researchers from China performed a modification with purple rice and augmented the pigment anthocyanin in its content. Anthocyanin is responsible for increased antioxidant production, and these antioxidants fight to protect your body. Antioxidants are strong defenders against free radicals, molecules that attack our aging process. Antioxidants from foods like purple rice, chocolate, blueberries, artichokes, or pecans are excellent sources to promote better bodily health. The more the antioxidants, the healthier you.

Good for the heart

This rice is not only tasty and branny, but it also keeps the heart happy. With the rice’s antioxidants, it maintains our cardiovascular health in good condition. Purple rice promotes good cholesterol levels, specifically high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Doctors discovered that it reduces heart failure risks by preventing the arteries from hardening up.

Promotes digestion

Because this rice has good fiber content, eating it automatically aids in lessening digestive problems, as well as constipation especially after having a heavy meal. This gives your tummy another good day to be properly cared for.

Prevents diseases

If you thought purple rice could not get more healthy, it also lessens the risk of certain cancer types and combats chronic illnesses that may bring about later in life. Because of its properties, eating this rice regularly as part of your diet will prevent cell damage that causes certain cancers.

Regulates blood sugar

Eating healthy purple rice helps fight the rise of blood sugar levels, which is why doctors recommend patients with type 2 diabetes to have this rice as part of their diet. Purple is much more healthy than white rice because it has plenty of good fiber, no sugar and decreases the risk of acquiring diabetes by up to a large percentage rate of 400 percent. What other rice could do that?

Detoxifies the body

Newer studies have revealed that eating purple rice aids in the cleansing and detoxifying of toxins in our bodies. Antioxidants are again to thank for this. A study conducted among rabbits revealed a healthier, more detoxified liver and bloodstream for these rabbits after being fed purple rice. Even the animals benefit from it.

Naturally gluten-free

Gluten is the substance in certain processed foods like white bread and pasta that is responsible for stickiness. One out of seven people is gluten sensitive, which is why many opt to go the gluten-free diet route. But purple rice is unlike regular glutinous white rice and other processed flour goods as it naturally does not have any gluten.

With purple rice, your body’s health gives it far less to worry about. Detoxification, disease prevention, nutrition-filled, eating this every day with your favorite healthy pairings makes for a smart choice for health-minded individuals and those looking to reduce weight because of its trustworthy fiber.

Moreover, minus any processed qualities, the rice helps reduce our tendency to overeat unhealthy processed foods like pizza, pasta, and other fast food quick picks. Nutritionists agree, saying whole grains prevent insulin resistance linked to obesity risk increase, that’s another advantage for this whole-grain packed rice.

How About The Taste?

When it comes to flavor, purple rice is more tasteful. Try asking dieticians eating it for years, they’ll agree, and it even has an aftertaste. The rice comes out best cooked with a 1: 2½ cup to water ratio. Following this ratio of cup and rice is a must because the grains will be cooked thicker and fuller. You don’t want a dried up result

Paired with meats and soups, the purple rice is no exception to a flavorful combination. It can be vegetable broth or be opted to be boiled with chicken stock. Rice balls, stews to stir-fried dishes, it tastes great paired with a rich and steamy protein and nutritious greens combination. That is some healthy-packed meal to look forward to every day. Why go for a lackluster meal when you can have this fiber and carb goodness. Did you know, it used to only be eaten by emperors? Good thing it is available for everyone to consume today.

More recently, researchers from Guangzhou, China modified the genetics of purple rice for global production. It enhanced the rice’s nutritional properties, specifically fiber. Filled with an excellent fiber source, your stomach will remain fuller for a longer period with purple rice, and with fewer cravings to worry about!

Reasons To Love Purple Rice

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