Prostate Massage Therapy Benefits

Prostate massage is the massage for the male’s prostate gland for therapeutic reasons. It is also known to help alleviate symptoms of chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.

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What is prostate massage, and how can it benefit prostate health?. In this article, we will look at its possible benefits and how it can help individuals achieve a better quality of life.

Prostate Massage Therapy: A Brief Backgrounder

A prostate massage or also known as the prostatic massage is an act of having the prostate of a male patient massaged for either therapeutic or medical purposes. It is supported by some anecdotal evidence stating that it can help alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions such as chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. 

It is also believed that prostatic massage can help clear any blockage on the prostate duct. The said pipeline or duct can be found between the prostate and the reproductive and urinary tract system. 

Massaging the pipeline or the duct can encourage the secretion of fluid that can help clear the prostate duct of any unwanted material or other liquids. Having a clear prostate duct is believed to help people address some of the symptoms they may be experiencing. 

Medical research doesn’t have any direct evidence to support the benefits of prostatic massage. It is therefore not yet officially endorsed by the mainstream medical field. That is because the data for prostate massage is mostly on small studies and will need to have further research. 

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Some Conditions That Prostatic Massage Can Benefit

While further studies are needed to establish the actual benefits of prostate massage on men’s health, some male patients have seen significant benefits in the use of prostatic massage. 

Listed below are some of the possible conditions that can benefit from the use of prostatic massage:

  1. Painful Ejaculation
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Urine Flow
  4. Prostatitis

Risks of Using A Prostatic Massage

As mentioned earlier, some male patients have experienced some form of relief after a prostatic massage. Patients can opt to use prostate massages alongside the other traditional treatment options such as antibiotics.

Individuals who are not well trained in conducting prostate massage may cause serious harm to the male patient’s reproductive and urinary system. Heavy massages on the prostate may damage some internal structures in the prostate that may result in other issues or even worsen existing ones. People should also avoid using an electronic prostate massager without any training and the supervision of a healthcare professional. Electronic massagers are also currently marketed as sex toys, and they are used by some male patients to provide some form of pleasure in stimulating their prostates.

Preparing for the Prostate Massage

Since prostate massage is not officially supported or endorsed by the medical field, it may be hard to find a prostatic massage therapist. The patient’s medical partner or healthcare provider may be able to provide a list of qualified prostatic massage therapists to choose from. Some outreach offices or hospitals may also provide the patient with a list of certified prostate massage therapists as these hospitals will usually keep a log of medical professionals around their respective areas. 

Health insurance will also most likely not cover the expenses for a prostatic massage. Not unless the prostate massage is performed in a clinic by a licensed doctor. 

What is the Bottom line?

Patients need to consult their doctors first before undergoing prostatic massage. Prostatic massages will usually take several sessions and will likely cover the span of a few weeks to a few months. Patients should also not expect the messages to be a magic bullet or cure, as it will take several sessions for symptoms to improve.

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