3 Reasons to Do Physical Therapy

Knowing when to seek immediate help from a physical therapist is essential because the earliest that a patient undergoes physical therapy sessions, the higher one’s chances of getting back to his original mobility and strength will be.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy provides care to people with limited mobility. It gives people the chance to improve their physical abilities after suffering from an injury and other conditions.

Many medical practitioners recommend patients to undergo physical therapy to manage their sports injury, recover from a stroke or an accident, improve their balance, alleviate diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and many more.

Physical therapy is one of the fastest expanding professions in the medical world. It trains and teaches professionals to be expert in developing a care plan tailored to restore patients’ mobility, prevent re-injury and correct dysfunction. Just like clinical medicine, physical therapy has various areas. It is important that therapists know your exact health conditions so they can provide the most appropriate treatment plan that you need.

For those who are suffering from injuries in the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones, consulting with a physical therapist who is expert in orthopedic management will give them the best chances of recovering from their conditions. Other areas of physical therapy that you may find helpful are geriatric therapy, neurological therapy, decongestive therapy, vestibular therapy as well as wound care therapy. However, if you are one of the many people who is planning to seek help from a physical therapist but unsure if your conditions are being catered in this field, below are three reasons which you can look at to decide if this is really the right area for your medical needs.

Pain Management

Experiencing pain is very common to all of us. Be it back pain, leg pain or shoulder pain, everyone has experienced it. However, the pain level and its frequency differ from time to time. So the question is when is the right time to seek a physical therapist’s help?

The frequency of pain increases as we grow old. In my case, the back pain I used to experience in my 20s wasn’t as frequent as in my 30s. In addition, the back pain that I have now is sharper than it used to be. I have decided to consult with a physical therapist. The pain is now hindering me from performing my daily tasks as compared when I was younger.

If the intensity of the pain that you are having is bothering you enough for you to not complete your daily tasks and is stronger than what you have experienced before, then this is a good reason to do physical therapy. To help your physical therapist develop the best treatment plan for you, it is best to discuss how long you have been experiencing the pain and how it feels when you are having it. Is it sharp, intermittent, achy? These details are crucial to effectively manage and address the pain that you are having in the shortest time possible.

PT Boosts the Medical Treatments Given to Patients with Serious Diseases

In addition to pain management, another reason to do physical therapy is if you or your loved one aims to speed up the recovery from serious diseases. Physical therapists are well-trained in customizing a care plan that will support the medical treatments that they are receiving for their health conditions. Among the patients that can benefit the most from this area are those who are diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, post-myocardial infarction, and other cardiopulmonary conditions. Aside from these, patients who are so stressed with their works and are detected to have trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome are also advised to do physical therapy.

Physical therapy is also expected to support the wellness and fitness of patients who have tennis elbow, concussion, and other sports-related injuries. Spinal cord injuries, vestibular dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, and other serious neurological disease patients will also benefit from physical therapies. Above all, children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and developmental delays are commonly advised to undergo physical therapy treatments to immediately manage their conditions and enhance their day to day lives.

Physical Therapy as an Effective Tool to Prevent Surgeries and Injuries

Among the benefits that patients can get from attending physical therapy sessions is that it can effectively prevent people from undergoing surgeries and suffering from further injuries. Surgeries cannot be avoided at all times, but in some instances, doing physical therapy can strengthen one’s condition and may eliminate their need for surgery. Exercises are commonly developed by therapists to speed up the healing and recovery of their patients’ injured tissue as well as make them more mobile as before. Those who have just undergone surgery are also advised to do physical therapy as the sessions will be aimed at speeding up their recovery and getting them in a healthy shape in no time.

Another area where physical therapy is most helpful is injury prevention. PT plan covers a series of exercises targeting the patient’s weak tissues, bones or muscle groups and makes them fitter and healthier to be safe from being injured in the future.

Is Physical Therapy Crucial or Just an Alternative Treatment?

As discussed above, physical therapy is a growing clinical area aimed at improving the lives of patients. With this statement, we should not consider this field as merely an alternative or a support treatment option. The benefits that we can get from physical therapy are not limited to what we have discussed. PT is highly recommended to stroke patients, especially those who need to boost their posture and balance so they can function independently and regain their old capabilities.

Attending physical therapy sessions is also helpful especially to those who are having troubles with their finances. This is because having a physical therapist to help you with your condition will cost less than the amount of money that you will spend on surgeries and other medical expenses. With all the benefits from PT, patients are highly encouraged to not just seek treatment from them when they are at their weakest as the longer we wait to undergo PT sessions, the lower the chances that we can go back to our original strengths.

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