Pros and Cons of Partial Knee Replacement

This surgery is performed to remove the damaged tissues and bones in the knee joints and are replaced by prosthetic materials to heal and make the battered knee perform the way it should be.

Partial Knee Replacement

It is indeed very unfortunate to experience accidents. This is an undesirable and unplanned way of incidental misfortune that affects a person. Accidents can range from task, to money, to words, and most of the time accidents happen through body contact or physical activity. For example, basketball is a physical sport that includes a lot of body contact. Just like any kind of sport it allows you to be strategic and do popular moves of players. For basketball, flashy moves include crossovers, dunks, and step back. While playing, you were able to rebound the ball after your teammate made a shot. Suddenly, you feel something on your knee that is wobbly so you decided to stop and go home.

For days you feel the same: you can’t sleep at night because of the pain on the knee. It keeps you from doing other activities that you can usually do. You decide to see a doctor and try treatments. They aren’t successful, and you still feel the same. Upon further findings there must be a surgery that needs to be done. Therefore, a partial knee replacement is needed to make it better.

Knees are very important to our body for us to work properly. We need them to stand firmly, and to move us from one place to another. This requires force and stability from our knees. This is an important joint that supports the weight of our body for proper balance. It must work accordingly to move, run, lift, and walk seamlessly. If the knees are battered and broken, due to arthritis or accident, a partial knee replacement is one possible solution.

What is Partial Knee Replacement?

This is a surgery that involves the replacement of one part of the broken, or damaged, knee. It takes place in the areas of the medial (inside part), the lateral (outside part), and the kneecap part of the knee. This surgery is performed to remove the damaged tissues and bones in the knee joints.  They are replaced by prosthetic materials to heal and let the battered knee perform the way it should. Prostheses are used to stand as an alternative part of the body. These are artificial substitutes that are made of plastics, carbon fibers, and metals.

How does it work?

Before partial knee replacement is done, or even suggested by your trusted medical professional, there are a series of procedures and other treatments that you have to undergo first. If procedures like losing weight, supportive braces, medication, injections, & physical therapy do not work and you still feel pain and swelling, only then will the doctor resort to partial knee replacement surgery. Of course, it depends on the doctor, as in some cases they immediately go with the total knee replacement procedure.

To begin with, the doctor will ask you to have X-rays so that they can see if there are space between the thigh and shinbone. This lets them know if there are inconsistencies with the cartilage and padding. In some occasions, they will ask you to have blood tests, and if your knees are swollen they will have to check it through test fluid procedures. At this time the doctor has already given instruction on steps before the surgery, like; not taking any medicines, stop drinking alcoholic beverages, stop smoking, doing some exercises and eating a healthy balanced meals.

On surgery day, the partial knee replacement procedure usually goes on for one to two hours. It starts with anesthesia. Prior to this the doctor has already prepared before the surgery. Anesthesia could be the General Anesthesia, which makes you sleep for the whole duration of the surgery, or the Spinal Anesthesia, called the epidural that numbs the waist from hip down to the toes. This makes you feel nothing while the procedure is carried out. When everything is set, they will make a cut then separate the damaged bone or tissue from the knee and place the prosthetics of metal, plastic, or carbon fiber to be fitted in and stitch the area.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Having surgeries and making the decision needs to be thought of very carefully with a doctor. Knee replacement is an option that would make the feeling of pain and discomfort go away. These are not relieved by non-surgical procedures. Here are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of doing a partial knee replacement:


After the procedure takes place it is expected that partial knee replacement procedure produces faster recovery. Since only a portion of the knee is being removed and replaced, in a few weeks you can do your usual activies. Another is less pain after surgery, as there are few blood loss that were exhausted and preserves the key original ligaments of the knee. And finally, less hospital stay which is good for the budget. Let’s be honest hospital expenses are really a burden and will definitely make you feel sick. So having a partial knee replacement will make you feel you’re okay as soon as possible.


If there are positive effects there are also negative effects. In some cases after the procedure, there is always a possibility of continued joint pain. Of course, after the surgery takes place it takes time to fully heal as the joints and muscles adjust to the new prosthetics that were installed in the knee. Also, the degeneration of other knee components, as the surgery was implemented, there are other knee parts that were affected in the removal of those that were damaged leading to some structural damages of other ligaments. In this case there may be a portion of the knee that remains whole or may experience extensive wear that will cause you to feel pain on the knee and eventually will lead to a repeat operation.

In advanced and greater situations, partial knee replacements won’t work as these cases are indeed needs to be done with total restructuring to fix, like the total knee replacement, in situations like osteoarthritis that affects the entire knee. Total knee replacement replaces the entire knee joints with artificial joints which is a major surgery. But in minor cases, the doctor can recommend an easier remedy if the other procedures did not work in relieving pain and discomfort. Therefore, a partial knee replacement is needed to make it better.

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