Natural Remedies for Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance happens when your muscles, liver, and fats will response abnormally from insulin and cannot take up glucose from your blood.

Insulin resistance

It’s very easy for us to say let’s stay healthy and fit. However, sometimes no matter how health conscious we are, our own body won’t allow us because of its abnormal function.

A lot of us suffer from different health problems, from the simplest form of health problem to complicated diseases. This is because there are parts of our body that cannot do its job properly. This might be due to certain conditions, and some of this abnormal condition is insulin resistance.

Now, what is insulin? Insulin is a type of hormones produced by the pancreas. Insulin helps the glucose in your blood enter cells to your muscles, liver, and fats which mainly use is energy.

Glucose usually comes from the food we take in, but liver produces glucose if the body needs it. When our blood glucose known as blood sugar increases, insulin will make it decrease and manageable. However, what happens if your body resists insulin? Can we survive?

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance happens when your muscles, liver, and fats will response abnormally from insulin and cannot take up glucose from your blood. Insulin resistance can be also part of your metabolic syndrome and it’s dangerous because aside from the fact that you can’t see and feel any symptoms and sign of insulin resistance it will lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you develop type 2 diabetes and you are suffering from this condition it can worsen the patient’s case and can be life-threatening,

Treating insulin resistance

There are natural remedies for insulin resistance and they are the following:

Diet rich in Omega-3

People who are suffering from insulin resistance should follow a diet rich in omega3 because healthy fat like omega3 can help to fight insulin resistance.

Using Ashwagandha

This herb can help to normalize the sugar level and can improve insulin sensitivity.

Using Fenugreek

Fenugreek c is a type of herb that can help secretion of insulin, decreased blood sugar and can reduce insulin resistance.

Avoid eating the No foods

Avoid eating too much carbs-dense food because it can cause inflammation of the intestine that can lead to high cholesterol that can result to spike the blood sugar.

Exercise more

Keep moving it will help your body to strengthen your immune system and exercising can release stress and if the body is stress-free the body can perform its job well.

Avoid soda

Avoid drinks full of sugar, if you can do only drink sugarless drinks to avoid increasing your sugar level.

Have enough sleep

Good night sleep is one of the keys to help your body to reduce insulin resistance because less sleep at night can cause stress and stress can worsen different health problems.

Eat plenty of vegetables

Eating vegetable can help immune system especially in managing insulin resistance.

But before undergoing any natural medication you need to consult your doctor to discuss what type of medication you needed to avoid complications.

Foods to avoid

There are foods you need to avoid if you are suffering insulin resistance because treatment and prevention can be useless if you still consuming those foods that can trigger and worsen your condition.

Don’t think that you are being hard to yourself; just think that everything you do is for your own good because at the end of the day the only person can help you is yourself, and we need to discipline ourselves to stay healthy and fit.

  • Sweets food like cakes, pancake, ice cream and chocolate
  • Fruit juice, soda, and other sweetened drinks
  • Fried food like fried chicken and pork
  • Drinking too many alcoholic beverages
  • Processed and frozen foods
  • Dairy products like milk and cheese
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes

Sign and symptoms of insulin resistance

  • Additional signs of metabolic syndrome: metabolic syndrome can cause abnormal large waist which is according to experts consider as a sign of insulin resistance.
  • Developing dark skin patches: If insulin resistance is severe, dark skin patches can be seen usually found in neck, armpits, knuckles, knees, and elbows.

How can insulin resistance be diagnosed? It is diagnosed by doctors by;

  • Fasting blood glucose test: This means the patient should not eat and drink within 8 hours to check the level of glucose.
  • Random blood draws: This type of test can be done by checking the sugar level of the patient at any time of the day.
  • A1C test: this test will measure the average blood sugar over 2-3 Months.

Who are those people who are at high risk in developing insulin resistance?

People are different, our body is different, and our immune system reacts to bacteria and viruses differently and there are people who are prone to developing insulin resistance.

  • Age around 45 years old, because the more our body getting old the more we tend to forget to eat a balanced diet which is we really need.
  • Overweight, people who are overweight and obese is high risk in developing insulin resistance because obese people usually have different health problems and the immune system cannot fight some bacteria’s because of excessive fats.
  • Have a parent and siblings who are suffering from diabetes, genetics play the role.
  • Ethnicity also one of the factors of developing this condition, Pacific
  • Islander ethnicity, African American, Native Hawaiian, Asian American, and Latino/Hispanic ethnicity are prone to developing insulin resistance.
  • Physical inactivity, being inactive can cause a lot of health problem because your blood flow is not in good condition, cholesterol and fats are not burnout instead its stored to our body which is dangerous to our health.
  • Suffer from stroke and heart disease, most of us knew that if we suffer from other disease and illness before we are prone to develop another problem because of complications.
  • People who have an abnormal cholesterol level and high blood pressure, cholesterol definitely can trigger almost everything from heart failure to insulin resistance.
  • Have hormonal disorder, most of us did not know that abnormal hormone growth can affect seriously our health, because of imbalance hormones some of the organs of our body cannot do its work very well.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle.
  • People who are suffering from sleep apnea

Facts about insulin resistance

  • It can occur even the patient is not suffering from diabetes
  • Blood level of a person who is suffering from insulin resistance is normal
  • Insulin resistance alone cannot be treated and prevented. However, preventing pre-diabetes can help to avoid insulin resistance.
  • Insulin is a chemical messenger that signals to the liver.

Like other health problems insulin resistance can be life-threatening. That’s why it should be treated and avoided to avoid different health complications.

Insulin Resistance

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