How to Make Yourself Sneeze

It is a normal reaction of the body when it comes to removing allergens that get stuck in the nose and throat. Continuous and almost non-stop sneezing can also occur, and this usually happens when the individual encounters moderate to severe allergy.

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Sneezing is often an involuntary act that is done by the body. Most of the time, it is caused by the body’s reaction to allergens; which is the reason why sneezing is often associated with allergies. And it is because sneezing is a way to get rid of the allergens that gets inside the body, mostly in the nose. There are actually different foreign bodies that can cause sneezing, it varies from allergens to other possible irritants.

Also, there are chances where we get the feeling of sneezing but it just would not work on it’s own, leaving us with an annoying and itchy feeling in return. Therefore, it may be better to think of ways to get one’s self to sneeze to prevent the feeling of uneasiness; and it may also be useful if you intend to remove some foreign bodies that may have entered the nasal passage or the throat.


First of all, sneezing is natural. It is a normal reaction of the body when it comes to removing allergens that get stuck in the nose and throat. Continuous and almost non-stop sneezing can also occur, and this usually happens when the individual encounters moderate to a severe allergy.

Did you know that there is another term for sneezing? The word is sternutation, but it is not as used as much as sneezing is.

The only negative thing about sneezing is how hard it is to handle the symptoms, however, there really is nothing to worry about even if the condition already counts as a series of unusual sneezing. No matter how the sneezing gets too much, it does not mean that the individual is in some kind of trouble. Again, sneezing is normal so don’t get too alarmed by it. But if you want to stop it immediately, there are some ways to treat excessive sneezing. The first step though is to get to know which caused the issue; because it will be better to get treatment for the root cause first in order to put a stop to the sneezing.


When the nose detects a foreign invader, it is the start of commanding the body to sneeze; and this is the most common cause of sneezing for almost all individuals. However, those foreign invaders have a lot of varieties too – like allergens, irritants, viruses that result in other illnesses such as common cold and flu and many others. For the body, these foreign invaders are dangerous as they may cause harmful damages to the body anytime soon; so it immediately takes action to get rid of those invaders before it’s too late.

Also, it is possible that the invader is a literal foreign such as dirt and debris. And when they start to enter the nose, they will irritate certain components of the nose and throat known as the sensitive mucous membranes. It may already be obvious though since those mucous membranes tend to be really sensitive that even small particles can easily irritate them; causing an inevitable sneeze from the individual.

Here are a few reasons why sneezing occurs:


Oftentimes, allergens are what cause occasional sneezing. The first thing these allergens will do is form an itchy feeling from either the nose, throat or both. After that, the body will automatically react by sneezing; it is also its way of attempting to remove the allergen in the nose or throat. When it comes to this, it is the immune system that is responsible for triggering the act of sneezing; it is its main function anyway.

Illnesses like common cold and flu that are caused by viruses

Have you noticed that you often sneeze whenever you get colds and flu? It is just a normal reaction of the body, especially since the nose and throat are exactly affected when one gets sick with illnesses that are caused by certain viruses. Usually, sneezing gets completely unstoppable and uncontrollable when it is associated with common cold and flu. So if you want to stop the sneezing as soon as possible, it is best to focus on the treatment of the colds and flu first.

Nasal irritants

Nasal irritants are almost similar to allergies, but they do not cause any other symptoms other than sneezing, unlike allergies which may involve itchy throat, runny nose, and watery eyes. Through sneezing, the body just aims to completely get rid of the irritant. Normally, one will already be feeling better once the sneezing completely gets rid of the irritant.

Other unusual causes

The previously mentioned are the most common causes of sneezing. However, there are also some cases that people rarely encounter but they still contribute to the development of sneezing issues. Some of them have something to do with: trauma and pressure on the nose, drug withdrawals and side effects, and dryness of the nose or throat from inhaling cold air among others.


There are simple ways to make yourself sneeze, and I will be stating a few that you can do in case you’ll be needing it. This will come in handy especially when you feel the need to sneeze in order to get rid of allergens and other foreign invaders that enter the nose and the throat.

Using tissues to trigger sneezing

This is really easy to do. Usually, the nose will act in the form of sneezing once it feels itchy or it gets suddenly tickled; and for this, the use of tissue can do the trick. Even a single tissue will be effective, just roll it into a shape that will fit the nostrils and then try to move it slowly until you get to feel the ticklish sensation.

Feather is also effective for tickling

The old trick of using a feather for the purpose of tickling is gonna be very useful this time. Also, it does not have to be a real feather; faux feathers can also work this time around. Be careful about this though, since some people may be allergic to the little dust-like particles of feathers, and it may lead to an allergic reaction instead of a simple sneeze.

Tilting the head backward

Situations like a discontinued sneeze are really annoying and uncomfortable. So if you want to get through with the sneezing and to avoid the uneasy feeling, you may try tilting the head backward until your face is completely facing upwards towards the ceiling.

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