How to Naturally Help your Skin From Aging

Do you want naturally healthy skin? If so then you should know how to help aging skin without surgical procedures and strong chemicals. This can help to prevent unwanted side-effects like pain and discomfort.

Aging skin

How can you fight the signs of aging naturally? One of the most effective methods is how to help aging skin. This allows you to deal with the normal aging process like less moisture and protein in your skin cells. Some of the traditional methods include tablets or injections with strong chemicals. They might help with the effects of aging on the skin but can also cause some problems like unwanted side effects. The good news is you can follow some basic steps to deal with aging skin. These methods avoid harsh chemicals so you can take a holistic (whole-body) approach that doesn’t involve any chemicals that don’t exist in the natural world.

It’s important to know what causes aging skin from the get-go. In many cases, it’s partly the normal process of getting older. For example, as humans age, their bodies produce fewer collagen proteins. This is the most common protein in the human body. When your skin has less collagen it’s likely to become loose and rough instead of firm and soft. There are many different methods you can take to help “reverse” (slow down) the process. They include adding changes in the daily diet and physical activity, and topical creams/lotions.   

What’s The Cause of Aging Skin?

Part of aging skin is simply part of our “chronological age.” In other words, you’ll have different levels of healthy skin whether you’re 1, 10, or 100 years old. These are certain factors we can’t reverse. They include our birth date and genetics. These are factors that will affect our skin regardless of what we do.

For example, let’s say your parents and/or grandparents had a certain skin condition. Is there a 100% chance you’ll have the same condition? No, but it’s more likely. The good news is we can take steps to lower our “biological age.” In other words, we can look and feel younger than we are by taking certain steps to help fight aging’s effects on skin health, for example.

Diet and exercise are some of the key issues related to skin health. For example, if you aren’t getting certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants in your diet it will be tougher to have healthy skin. Vitamins A, C, D, and E are some of the key ones for anti-aging effects. For example, you can get Vitamin E from certain foods or simply getting enough sunlight exposure during the day.

Exercise is also important. There’s an old saying that “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” It’s critical to exercise regularly. This is good for your skin in many ways. It helps to revive your skin cells and get rid of toxins through sweat. You can also boost your immune system, which can help to fight off “free radical” molecules that attack healthy skin cells.

Another key factor for healthy skin is your environment. For example, are you surrounded by lots of air pollution like CO2 emissions, cigarette/vaping smoke, UV rays? These are all factors that can harm your skin. It’s important to protect your skin from such factors and especially in terms of anti-aging treatments.  

How To Help Aging Skin Naturally

There are many ways you can deal with aging skin in natural ways without going under the knife, zapping your skin with lasers, or getting injections with strong chemicals. Here are some of the best methods:

1. Stop using the same facial expressions

Can smile too much be a bad thing? It turns out using the same facial expressions over and over (and over) again can cause lines and wrinkles in your face. The reason is the lines formed when you contract facial muscles can become permanent. There are other expressions like squinting or even pursing while smoking.

2. Stop smoking/vaping

In recent years vaping has been trending as a so-called “healthier” option versus smoking cigarettes. Besides the nicotine getting ditched it’s not healthier. There are also many safety issues related to vape batteries. The bottom line is if you want healthy skin you should put out our last cigarette/cigar or stop doing vaping sessions ASAP.

Smoking can cause a world of skin problems. For example, it can cause your skin to look dull and develop wrinkles. Consider that when you light a cigarette 100+ toxic chemicals are produced. That will never turn out well.

3. Protect your skin from UV rays

Our skin can benefit from some sunlight since it provides nutrients like Vitamin E. That said it’s critical to minimize how much exposure you get. Make sure to avoid direct exposure on hot, sunny days from 11 AM and 2 PM. These are the hottest hours during the day.

What if you have to go outdoors for long periods during the day? Make sure to protect your skin. If your skin is exposed then go with 30+ SPF sunscreen. Wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses with UV protection, and face-friendly sunscreen can also help to protect your skin. You should also avoid suntanning since the “tan” is your skin’s self-defense from UV rays.

More Ways to Fight Anti-Aging Skin Naturally

1. Don’t wash your face too much

A good guideline is 2x daily and after heavy sweating. This can help to clean out your skin’s pores of dirt and oils. You should especially take this step after wearing a helmet or hat that causing sweating. Make sure to wash your face ASAP after removing the headgear.

2. Avoid indoor/outdoor tanning

Make sure to avoid outdoor sun tanning and tanning machines. Here’s why. When you get a tan, it’s your body’s way of protecting itself from UV rays. That’s a good thing. However, the problem is it also produces skin damage and can speed up the aging process. You’ve probably heard of “liver spots” or “sunspots.” They’re caused by UVA/UVB rays from sunlight.

3. Clean skin gently

This is important because it’s not just about washing your skin enough. Make sure not to scrub too hard since it can cause irritated skin. That can speed up the aging process, which is a bad thing. Meanwhile, if you do gentle washing this can remove unwanted substances like dirt, toxins, makeup, etc. Without causing skin irritation.

4. Exercise regularly

It’s a good idea to exercise during most days of the week. Studies show that moderate exercise can provide several benefits. They include boosting the immune system and improving blood circulation. These can help your skin and feel younger, which is a plus. Make sure to include cardio and weight-resistance exercises.

5. Eat your veggies (and other healthy stuff)

Make sure to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet. This should include items like:

  • Lean meats
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Dairy
  • Nuts/Seeds

If you’re going to drink alcohol the best choice is a glass of wine (red or white). Red wine, in particular, is loaded with antioxidants since the fermenting process includes the grape skins for how to help aging skin.

How To Help Aging Skin Naturally

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