6 Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Gout

Gout is treatable and preventable but you need to discipline yourself well, the following are the natural ways of treating and preventing gout.

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Gout is technically a kind of arthritis caused by the buildup of uric acid crystal in our joints, uric acid is a product of purine that can be found in many foods and drinks we intake.

Gout is painful to the point the patient suffering from this seek different remedy to ease the pain. There are a lot of treatments in the market for gout arthritis. However, natural ways of treating and preventing it is much healthier for our liver and kidney. Too much intake of process medicine can cause a lot of complications in the long run.

Gout can affect both men and women. A lot of people around the globe are suffering from gout. Gout has stages and they are the following.

  • Asymptomatic Gout: Asymptomatic gout is the first period of a gout attack, although the patients did not notice the symptoms but the uric acid level builds up in the joint.
  • Gout attack (Acute gout): In this stage of gout, the attack is triggered by something like drinking alcoholic beverages resulting in inflammation of the joint because of the buildup of uric acid. The inflammation usually strike at night and intensify within 812 hours
  • Interval Gout: Interval gout is a time between the attract, the pain will go but the gout is still there, gout can damage the joint, during this stage, it’s the best time to manage gout by changing the lifestyle and medication to avoid another gout attack.
  • Chronic gout: Chronic gout is usually affecting those people who have a high uric acid level for a long time and but being treated and managed, during this stage of gout the joint is prone in damage and can lose mobility of the patient, this stage is preventable by right management, lifestyle, and medications.

Gout Relief and Prevention Tips

Gout is treatable and preventable but you need to discipline yourself well, the following are the natural ways of treating and preventing gout.

Drink plenty of water

Water and other clear fluids is a big help to detoxify our body, it will help your kidney to flush out the waste being stored especially the uric acid that if stored in your kidney for a long time it will build up into crystal that can cause gout.

Lose some weight

Like other health issues, in gout weight has a big role in developing health problems that’s why it is important to maintain the right weight for your age and height. But remember do exercise gradually do not do it so fast, rushing things will not make thing better.

Choose your diet plan wisely

You need to choose a diet plan that practical and achievable, reduce your soda, sugar and alcohol intake it can climb up your uric acid level in the body, you need to avoid food rich in uric acid like organ meats, and processed meats because its high in purine instead eat a lot of food contain low fat, low-fat dairy products, and food rich vitamin C it can help your body to prevent the inflammation of gout

Eat loads of banana, apple, and carrots

If your gout already flared up, eating tons of banana, carrots, and apple can help to treat gout. Potassium in banana the crystal uric acid turns to liquid and with the help of drinking a lot of water it will flush out the body, while malic acid in apple and carrots helps to neutralize the uric acid and cannot flare up.

Treat the swelling of the affected area of gout

You can treat the physical effect of gout, as the swelling, you can reduce the swelling of the joint by soaking Epsom salt with warm water to your joint, keep the joint submerge tell the water get called.

Mix your drink

You can mix up some apple vinegar to your water to make it more helpful to flush out the uric acid, apple cider vinegar can help to relieve the pain, drinking water with ginger can reduce the inflammation of your joints, and lemon can also help your joint.

Gout self-care

You can avoid gout attack by taking good care of yourself. Practicing a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy foods can balance our health and we can avoid conditions like gout.

Exercise can minimize the attacks and heart problem can be avoided because heart problem is common for those who have gout.

Developing healthy lifelong strategy especially heart-healthy diet, the following is the food that is good for those who have gout.

  • Whole grain
  • Skim milk
  • Vegetables
  • Oil plants
  • Waters

Gout can be trigger by eating the following

  • Organ meats and red meat
  • Sugary beverages
  • Shellfish (shrimps and lobsters)
  • Drinking too much alcohol

Risk factor of gout

Other health condition

High blood pressure, high cholesterol level, heart problem and diabetes can develop gout as a complication.


Genes also play a role in developing gout, if your parents are suffering from gout most likely you develop gout later in your life.


Unhealthy diet can lead to gout if you eat foods containing a high level of uric like red meat, it will build up the uric acid crystal that can cause gout.

Bypass surgery

Those people who undergo bypass surgery is high risk in developing gout.

  • Gender: Gout is common to men than women
  • Alcohol and sodas: Alcohol and soda can develop gout
  • Medications: Drinking some medications for other illness can cause gout because of the immune system suppression
  • Obesity: Obese people can develop gout at the young age

Facts about Gout

• Men are prone to having gout
• Estrogen protects women from developing gout
• Gout can damage the kidney
• Some antibiotics can cause gout
• Too much alcohol intake can be a reason of developing gout
• All humans are at risk in developing gout
• Lifestyle can trigger gout
• People who are suffering from heart problem are prone to gout.

Gout Relief and Prevention


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