How to get the knots out of your upper back

Knots are tender and painful, but with the right amount of exercise is one of the best thing you can do to avoid having knots.

Muscle knots on upper back

Aging can make us feel a lot of body pain in different parts of our body. Stress and overworking can make our muscles stiff. This leads to knots and pain in our body especially in the upper back part of the body.

People usually carry their stress in Trapezius muscles and this muscle is very prone to develop knots. Poor posture also contributes to having back pain at the upper back of our body.

Doing things in a bad posture can also cause locked muscles, immobile, and sometimes inflamed muscles. You can feel the hard knot in your upper back as a result of bad body posture.

We usually feel the knot and back pain especially at the end of the day when we are from the office because of whole day stressful works and other physical activities and it’s hard to work if we feel something painful in our body.

But the question is how we get rid of knots on your upper back? Those uncomfortable and painful knots and back pain?

Managing knots

One of the best remedies to get rid of knots on your upper back and back pain is body massage but it is not a permanent treatment. But there are things that we can do to permanently avoid having knots on our upper back.

The following are the things you can do to manage knots.

  • Find your knots: Knots are tender and painful, finding its specific location will help you treat it easily.
  • Massage the affected area of the knot by applying more pressure along the tender area. Massage the tender area in a circular motion by using your finger point.
  • Use a tennis ball: Use a tennis ball to put away the knots by rolling the tennis ball on the area where the knot is located. Apply pressure while rolling the tennis ball to make the knot loosen its tenderness.
  • Treat it with heat: Treating knots with heat is also a great treatment for treating muscle pain caused by knots. You can use warm water when taking a shower, but for more effective heat treatment you can use a warm towel and directly put it on the area affected by knots. The tenderness of your knots will be smoothened and the inflammation will be avoided and uncomfortable feelings will go.
  • Treating knots with hydration: Dehydration will cause different health complications and little we know that dehydration will promote having knots. However, you can treat and manage having knots by drinking a lot of water. A lot of us do not drink a lot of water which causes dehydration of the body that will lead to the developing of knots in our body, especially in our upper back. Water can help our body circulation and function effectively.

How To Get Rid Of Knots On Your Upper Back Permanently?

Prevention is better than a cure, as they say. It’s true, and preventing knots from occurring in our bodies is possible.

Quit smoking permanently

We all know that smoking is very dangerous to our health. It can cause cancer and other illness and different complications that endanger our lives. There is a lot of reason to quit smoking you should consider quit smoking, especially if you frequently develop knots in your upper. Smoking is a contributor to developing knots in our bodies.

Change your routine

Do not spend a lot of time in just one position. Your muscles will stiff if you are staying in one position that can build pressure that can develop into knots. Do some physical works to keep yourself moving and your blood circulation will improve.

Stretch your body

Stretching is very useful and helpful not just in exercising. Always stretching our body will make us more healthy and having knots on your upper back will be prevented. However, a lot of people who do their exercise does not include stretching in their preparation in doing heavy exercise. If you are exercising do not skip stretching because stretching is beneficial to our muscles, it will stress your stiff muscle that can cause back pain and knots.

Improve your posture

With a poor body posture knots on your upper back may occur. Keeping yourself supported by your workstation can help you to maintain good posture and will help you to avoid aches and pains of hunching over.

Increase your calcium intake

Increasing your calcium intake can help you to avoid having knots and back pain because calcium is for our bones and if our bones are in good condition it will help our muscles to be in place.

Cause of Having Knots

Like other bodies, knots have a reason why we are suffering from it and the following are some of the reasons.

  • Improper posture: Improper posture is one of the reasons of having knots on your upper back because of the muscle stiffness during a long time of staying in improper posture possession our muscle will be stiff and it’s painful when we move it and if you are at the age of late 30s and early 40s you should avoid having improper posture to avoid constant suffering from knots because being at this age you are prone to develop knots that usually which is very troublesome doing our daily activities.
  • Accidental trauma: Engaging in different sports can cause sudden injury or muscle rapture and this sudden injury of our muscles can lead to knots and it’s very dangerous if not treated because the knots will occur every now and then because of the unhealed injury.
  • Overstimulation: Overdoing exercise and physical activity can cause knots on your upper body because of restless muscles, instead of beneficial effect overdoing exercise can damage your muscles that’s why experts advise that you need to exercise with precaution especially if you are a beginner in heavy exercise to avoid sudden back pain and developing knots.
  • Exercise: The right amount of exercise and keeps your body moving are some of the best things you can do to avoid having knots which make your day unproductive.

Having knots is not fun but you don’t have to worry because you can avoid and get rid of knots on your upper back, but you need to discipline yourself and follow the treatment.

Get rid of knots on your upper back

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