Compression sleeves for your elbow. Do they work?

Living an active lifestyle or doing intensive sports could make you vulnerable to injuries. Compression sleeves are known to help protect not only the skin but is also said to save one from injuries. Before considering using compression sleeves, it is best to know and understand how compression sleeves work.

Compression sleeves for elbow

Living an active lifestyle or doing intensive sports make you prone to injuries. This is why fitness experts would always recommend the use of support sleeves to save one from straining which could lead to muscle pain and aches.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen some athletes most especially bodybuilders wear compression sleeves. This gear is usually known to help protect not only the skin but save save one from injuries.

Before considering using compression sleeves, it is best to understand how compression sleeves work.

There are different uses for compression sleeves. They could be used for the knees, wrists, ankles, arms, and even the elbows. But in this article, we will focus more with compression leaves for the elbow – how it works and what the benefits are.

So how do compression sleeves really work?

It is necessary to understand the importance of how keeping the oxygenated blood to continuously flow to the muscles. This is why fitness experts would first teach proper breathing before training. Failure to execute proper breathing could lead to various issues.

While we work out, our body is known to produce lactic acid – a waste product. It is important for the muscles to release the waste product since failure to do so could contribute to soreness and could affect one’s performance.

Intense workout could also lead to fatigue. But with the help of compression sleeves, one could lessen risks of fatigue since compression sleeves help stabilize the muscles and also helps increase blood flow.

Some studies also suggest that compression sleeves could also contribute to the recovery period of an injury.

Benefits of compression sleeves for the elbow

1. Protects the skin

Covering up the elbows with this gear could help protect the skin. During sports, it is possible that accidents could happen – bump into another athlete or rather get cuts and bruises from weights. With the help of compression sleeves, one can prevent risks of wounds.

2. Normalizes blood temperature

Not all sports and activities are done inside the gym. There are sports that are done outdoors. During such activities, compression sleeves help keep the blood at a normal temperature. Meaning, regardless of the weather, compression sleeves help keep the blood normal.

3. Improves blood circulation

As mentioned above, compression sleeves are effective in increasing blood flow. Having said, athletes won’t have to worry about possible swelling and inflammation. Just by using compression sleeves, it could even affect the athlete’s performance and at the same time, improve blood circulation.

4. Recovers injuries

Another amazing benefit of compression sleeves is that it helps lessen the recovery period of injuries and wounds. This is because compression sleeves help increase blood circulation. As a result, blood flow could circulate faster to the heart which also contributes for the injury to recover fast.

How to choose the right compression sleeves to protect the elbow?

Buying a compression sleeve is just like knowing which medicine will work for your ailment. There are some features that you need to look for a compression sleeve.

  1. Material: One of the most important things that you should consider when scouting a compression sleeve is by checking its material. Well, there are a lot of different kinds of compression sleeves in the market but you should always look for the one that is sweat-free. Some reviews suggest that compression sleeve made out of fabric is the best type to consider since it gets free of sweat.
  2. Fit: What’s the use of a support if it doesn’t even fit your needs? The size of the compression sleeves matter since we all have different body types. That’s is why one should always make sure that the compression sleeve is fitted well for its purpose. Some compression sleeves are too tight and some are even too loose. It’s best to check the fit to make sure the sleeves don’t just fall off that easily too.
  3. Construction: Most athletes would always go for seamless sleeves. This is because seamless compression sleeves promote breathability and at the same time is said to be perfect for support.


Engaging in sports and activities could make one pretty vulnerable to injuries. Knowing that there are different kinds of sports – team sports, individual, outdoor, indoor, and lastly equipped sports.

There are days wherein no matter how we take care of ourselves, accident still happens. So the best solution to prevent such incidents from happening is to protect ourselves with gears that promise support and protection. Gears like the compression sleeves, be it for elbows, knees, or any part of the body, will surely save not your skin, but could also condition better function of the body.

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