Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

One of the mineral rich source of fish oil is the Cod fish’s liver.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod fish is one of the best fishes to cook because it is a mild tasting fish. You can add different mixtures of superb spices, after which you create delicious food. One mouthwatering Mediterranean recipe is the Greek style Cod fish with lemon and garlic. The cod fish is sliced smoothly into fillets and coated with a flavorful flour. Then, a mixture of coriander, paprika, and cumin. The cod fillets are then seared and baked with Greek olive oil, minced garlic, and sprinkled with lemon juice. Voila! You have a Greek style Cod fish with lemon and garlic on your table, which is good with salad or rice. A healthy delicious meal is indeed a wonderful meal; hence cod fish is a great source of minerals.

One of the mineral rich source of fish oil is the Cod fish’s liver. It is used way back in ancient Viking times, and is still being utilized, in Scandinavian countries until now. It is one of the top five types of fish oil that is being traded. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ Code of Practice for Fish and Fishery Products data, they can move in quantities close to 10,000 tons a year. We will see what the Cod fish is and Cod liver oil is? What are the benefits of cod liver oil? How the process of extracting oil from the cod liver is done?

What is a Cod fish and Cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil comes from the Cod fish, or simply Cod. They are used for food because of their mild flavor, white and flaky flesh. This tasty fish is produced in aquaculture farms and some grow in the wild. There are two common types of Cod. One is the Atlantic cod, which is found in cold waters and deep sea areas of the North Atlantic. The other is the Pacific cod, which are found on the same terrain of the Northwestern and eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. They can weigh up to fifteen to forty kilograms and can stretch to four feet long. The largest Atlantic cod was registered at six feet long and weighs ninety-six kilograms.

Fish oils are oils intended for human consumption. They are derived from fish that has the composition of fatty acids and other important acid substance. Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of the Cod fish. It has high concentrations of Vitamins A, D, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It has therapeutic uses and, and can be used as a dietary supplement.

Process of producing Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil has been in existence for many years. The process of extracting the oil has developed over time. According to records, Vikings of the Scandinavian countries produced cod liver oil by laying fresh cod livers on tree branches. They then boiled water to steam the livers underneath, and once the liver oil dripped on the water they are skimmed off. Because of the great benefits that cod liver oil brings, the demand increased. A new way was then devised to meet demand for bulk production. Here’s the process for the industrial cod liver oil production:

Sourcing of Cod fish

They are usually caught from the wild or are sourced from farms. Wild cod fishes are gathered by trawlers on the sea for weeks.

Cod Liver Oil Extraction

Livers are separated from the Cod fish and are collected in containers. The livers are either heated for a period of time or are cold pressed mechanically to extract the oil. In this process the oil is already separated and will undergo further processing. The residues are dried to produce liver meal and be sold for animal feeds.

Carbon Treatments, Degumming, and Alkali Refining

Carbon treatments are used to remove toxic substances like dioxins, furans, and polyromantic hydrocarbons which is required by the European Union. This is necessary for farmed fish and fish caught on industrial areas or near the location. Ones it is done, the degumming process begins, as the oil is hydrated, heated, and treated with phosphoric acid to remove phospholipids that will have a negative reaction to the other processes. During this time the oil is now being refined with Alkali, the process produces soaps that should be removed with washing created by the alkali, oxidation products, and other elements.

Drying, Bleaching, Winterization, Deodorization

Through the process of drying, this method removes the moisture from the water washing. Then turns the oil over to be bleached to return the oil to an acceptable pale color with the use of mineral acids. Next is the oil is cooled to sub-zero temperature to reduce saturated fatty acids and again remove additional fatty acids & other compositions for deodorization by heating up to one hundred ninety degrees centigrade for the formation of trans fats of EPA and DHA.

Molecular Distillation, Synthetic Vitamins, Antioxidants, Flavorings

Temperatures can reach as two hundred degrees centigrade as molecular distillation is sometimes used to replace deodorization in the formulation of trans fats. Due to these high heat processes the vitamin A and D are removed and synthetic vitamins are injected to replace the lost ones. After resting the oil and is cooled, antioxidants are added for human consumption to protect the oil from oxidation. And finally, cod liver producers add flavorings to make the taste better.

Uses and Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is usually a therapeutic use, but is also now being used for dietary purposes because of its great nutrients. Here are the top three minerals that can be sourced from Cod Liver Oil:

  • Vitamin A: known for the enhancement and maintenance of the immune system, promotes good vision, and is vital for growth and development.
  • Vitamin D: increases intestinal absorption of minerals like calcium, phosphate, magnesium. Primarily obtains cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid: improves the risk factors of obtaining heart disease, can combat depression and anxiety, DHA improves structural component of the eye, helps enhance brain health during pregnancy and early life.

Cod liver oil is indeed a wonderful product that has so much benefits by taking it and making it part of your daily health routine. Making it part of your daily routine ensures you that you now have direct access to minerals that will surely boost your body and mind, from Vitamins A and D to Omega-3 fatty acid that is why cod fish is a great source of minerals.

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