Amazing Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are the tiny immature sprouts of broccoli. They are associated with many health benefits and fighting off serious diseases.

Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are the tiny immature sprouts of broccoli. They are associated with many health benefits and fighting off serious diseases.

The problem with the sprout is it is not easy to find in the market. It is not as popular as the mature broccoli. But the good thing is you can grow the sprouts yourself and in the comfort of your kitchen.

What are the Nutritional Values of Broccoli Sprouts?

A three-ounce serving is composed of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A – 10%
  • Vitamin C – 60%
  • Calcium – 6%
  • Calories – 35
  • Carbohydrates – 5 grams
  • Fiber – 4 grams
  • Iron – 4%
  • Protein – 2 grams
  • Sodium – 25 milligrams

What Benefits Can Broccoli Sprouts Bring Out?

Broccoli sprouts are considered a superfood. It has various disease-fighting properties which make them very healthy. Including broccoli sprouts in your diet is the best option. But speaking with your healthcare provider comes first before you decide for anything.

Broccoli Sprouts are good for the Brain

Iron deficiency is linked with memory loss diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Iron is responsible for the blood’s supply of oxygen. Moreover, the iron aids with the supplication of oxygen in other parts of the body including the organs.

If you are lack iron in the body, studies show that you most probably encounter problems relating to concentration and memory. Why? It is because the human brain needs 20% of oxygen in our blood.

Broccoli Sprouts Can Support Fetal Brain Development

Health experts encourage pregnant women to eat broccoli sprouts. In fact, if they can include it in their diet, much better. The sprouts have the ability to develop a fetal brain and show potential in preventing autism.

A number of studies made for the relationship of broccoli sprouts and autism found that the sprouts’ antioxidant property is the one responsible for preventing the condition.

Even small children are encouraged to eat them. Their brain will also benefit from eating it.

Broccoli Sprouts are Heart-Friendly

Your cardiovascular system will be happy with this information. Many studies have been conducted and found out that broccoli sprouts can lower the level of triglyceride and blood pressure. Thus, stroke and other heart health-related conditions will be kept at bay if you include them in your diet.

Even an animal study proves this point. Lab rats are supplied with the sprouts and researchers have noticed a blood pressure drop in their system.

Broccoli Sprouts Can Improve the Digestive Health

Many people suffer from digestive issues, particularly gastrointestinal condition. Symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain are associated with the condition. But they are reported to aid with the disease, thus, it is digestive-friendly as well. It helps prevent harmful bacteria such as H. pylori from invading the stomach.

So, quick and include them in your diet and harvest digestive benefits. Constipation can be avoided by eating the sprout. Even ulcer and colorectal cancer can be prevented.

Broccoli Sprouts Can Manage Diabetes

It’s not magic, but the nutritional contents of broccoli sprouts have the ability to fight off type II diabetes. It is helpful in regulating the levels of blood sugar and it battles oxidative stress, triglycerides, and insulin resistance.

Broccoli Sprouts have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Several types of disease cause inflammation. But inflammation is not a negative response of the body. In fact, it is part of the immune function. However, there are types of inflammation which are harmful to the body.

In fighting inflammation, the antioxidant called glucoraphanin is needed. The antioxidant also helps boost the immune system, improves heart health, and lower blood pressure. The good thing is, this antioxidant is present in broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli Sprouts Can Make You Look Younger

Your skin will as much benefit as the other parts of your body and its vitamin C content is responsible for it. Vitamin C has the ability to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, it makes your skin younger-looking. So how much 60% of vitamin C do you think can do for your skin?

A study shows that lacking vitamin C can make the skin more wrinkled.

Broccoli Sprouts are good for the Respiratory System

According to a published 2009 study, broccoli sprouts can lower lung-related problems. The sulforaphane content is the key to this seemingly magical lung result. It knocks off inflammation and oxidative stress in the pathways of air. Thus, the air flows smoothly and easier. The study even noted that asthma symptoms can be reduced.

Broccoli Sprouts Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer may perhaps the disease that most people are afraid of. It is just a good thing that many natural sources are discovered nowadays, broccoli sprouts included.

Different forms of cancer including those in the prostate, throat, bladder, breast, skin, and colon can fight off by broccoli sprouts. The sprouts have a high content of sulforaphane which the researchers are looking for to be responsible for its anti-cancer ability.

How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts?

What you need in growing broccoli sprouts are two tablespoons of broccoli seeds, a big mouth jar, and water. You also need to prepare your patience as the process of growing the sprout will take for about one week.

What you need to do is place the broccoli seeds inside the jar and add water just a few inches. Cover using the lid and set it aside on cabinet. The kitchen cabinet is the best place for the seeds as it is dry and dark. Darkness and dryness are important substances in this process.

After twelve hours drain the water out of the jar then rinse the seeds with a fresh one. Once rinse, put the lid back on and store it back in the kitchen cabinet. Repeat this process two to three times per day until you’ll see a yellow sprout growing out of the seeds. The sprout is about an inch long.

Once the sprouts come out, you should bring the jar out in the light as well. But you must continue doing the rinsing process within a week until the sprout is ready.

Broccoli sprouts are perfect for food garnishing.

Broccoli sprout

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