Where To Get the Best Anti-Aging Doctors?

You cannot put your life in the hands of someone that you cannot trust to keep you alive, make you healthier, and solve your aging problems. So where can you get the best anti-aging doctors? Read on to find out

best anti aging doctors

Anti-aging medicine is a relatively new field of medical practice. So, a lot of work still has to be done to standardize the field. Many doctors will promise that they have the solution to aging. Even some who are not doctors make the same claim. You will find all sorts of pills, procedures, regimens, etc. being used by these ‘doctors’. It’s not as if you know any better than they do, so you can’t tell which is right and which is wrong. But then, health, they say, is wealth. You cannot put your life in the hands of someone that you cannot trust to keep you alive, make you healthier, and solve your aging problems. So where can you get the best anti-aging doctors?

More and more anti-aging health clinics are rising by the day. These clinics are manned by health professionals who will tell you that they are the best in what they do. But as you consult with them, you will find that many of them do not use modern medical procedures, or at least not just that. Many of them add herbal medicines, dietary supplements, steroid hormones, and many other unusual treatment methods to the use of compounded pharmaceuticals. Remember that many of these alternative treatment methods are not regulated by the FDA. How then can you trust them?

Where to Get the Best Anti-Aging Doctor

Many of the treatment options for aging usually seem to be safe. But then, athletes have come to realize that some of these methods are prohibited in sports.

This means that an innocent visit to an anti-aging doctor may disqualify an athlete from major competitions if care is not taken. Getting a good anti-aging doctor would prevent issues like this. If you are wondering how to find the best anti-aging doctor, here’s how:

1. A doctor that has the proper training

You definitely would not want to put your life in the hands of a quack doctor. Before you choose a doctor to manage your anti-aging treatment, make sure the doctor is well-trained and licensed to practice.

All legitimate doctors will have their MD certificate and postgraduate qualifications on display. Such doctors also have a medical license that authorizes them to practice.

2. A doctor working in a certified clinic

Don’t go to just any place for your anti-aging treatment. Some qualified doctors have delved into all sorts of alternative and/or unethical medical practices. However, a certified clinic would not allow such to thrive within its premises.

So it is to your advantage to go to a certified anti-aging clinic for your treatment. They may seem more expensive than other options. But they are generally safer and more professional in their practice.

3. A doctor that tells you the plain truth

To start with, no treatment option can remove aging completely. At best, what they do is slow it down. A good doctor will tell you just that. If he is promising you heaven and earth over his treatment plan, be careful.

More so, every treatment option has side effects and possible risks. The best doctor is one that will tell you the plain truth about these risks. Don’t believe any ‘doctor’ that tell you is treatment option is 100% effective and has no side effects whatsoever.

4.  A doctor that takes his own medicine

The first three will get you a very good doctor. But if you want the best, consult with a doctor who is taking his own medicine.

Anti-aging treatment is not like other kinds of treatment that your doctor may not need. Everyone who knows the benefit of getting anti-aging treatment would get it. So, if your doctor knows how great his treatment plan is and he is not taking it. Then, something is not quite right.

The Anti-Aging Doctors You Should Avoid

Some tell-tale signs show that you are probably in the wrong hands. Whenever you see these signs, you should immediately take a step back.

1. The super-certified doctor

We mentioned earlier that certification and license are very important. But then, some doctors have qualifications that do not even exist. Anyone who says he has board certification in anti-aging medicine is telling you a lie. Period!

The Medical Specialty board indeed does exist. They are the gold-standard in specialist physician certification. But they do not yet have any certification in anti-aging medicine as a field. A doctor that has a certification that does not exist cannot be trusted.

2. The doctor who can fix everything

Another type of anti-aging doctor to stay away from is the fixer. If he claims to you that he can fix all problems with aging, or even stop it completely, don’t believe him. His claims are not consistent scientific findings.

3. The one who is in love with hormones

Any doctor who prescribes or suggests HGH (human growth hormone) for your anti-aging treatment is not to be trusted. You may not know, but if he is indeed an expert, he would know that such a prescription is illegal for use in anti-aging treatment. If your doctor prescribes HGH for your anti-aging treatment, he is committing a criminal offense.

4. The one who makes a magic diagnosis

In 2019, a cheek swab cannot show nutrient deficiencies. A saliva test cannot show hormonal imbalances. Medical science is yet to advance to that level. You would at least need to do a blood test to make that diagnosis.

Any doctor that makes a diagnosis using an unrelated test procedure is at best, doing magic. Don’t allow such a doctor to treat you.

5. A very vague doctor

Ask your doctor for evidence on the efficacy and safety of the treatment plan that he is suggesting. He should be able to tell you something concrete. An expert will not start telling you about testimonials. He will refer to clinical studies and medical journals.

What the Best Doctor Would Tell You

What should you expect from an expert when you meet one? You can recognize the doctor that knows his onions in anti-aging medicine from the time you begin to talk with him.

When you meet the best anti-aging doctor, his focus for your anti-aging treatment would focus around two words – prevent and protect. Any doctor that is not saying anything along these two lines does not understand anti-aging medicine as he ought to.

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