Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has long been proven to be effective in managing injuries.

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When it comes to dealing conditions that are limiting an individual’s mobility, physical therapy is a pretty good choice.

But not everyone favors physical therapy. There are some patients who would consider surgery as their first choice of treatment since they believe it’s the fastest way to recovery.

What’s good about physical therapy is that it could be customized depending on the patient’s needs. This means physical therapy is a versatile approach to improving mobility. It may help condition an individual’s body back to a normal functioning level, prevent injuries, and promote a healthy well-being overall.

There are still numerous benefits of physical therapy. To know more about it, refer to the list we have prepared below:

Benefits of Physical Therapy

1. An alternative to surgery in some cases

Surgery isn’t always the first resort when it comes to treating injuries and illnesses. For patients who had to go through surgery due to some serious cases, some doctors would still recommend them to undergo physical therapy. One possible treatment that could keep a patient from going through surgery is by trying to consider physical therapy. However, for those whom surgery is required, could still benefit from physical therapy since this treatment makes the recovery period short.

2. Lessens or eliminates pain

Physical therapy consists of a series of therapeutic exercises and techniques that are made for joint and tissue mobilization. PT may also consist of various tests such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and taping that have been proven to lessen the pain. If a patient undergoes such treatments at an extended period, there is a huge possibility that the pain won’t return again.

3. Supports recovery from stroke

Once a patient had episodes of stroke, one common result would be loss of partial movements. With the help of physical therapy, lost strength could be regained in order to help bring back balance and at the same time improve the posture of the patient. By doing such therapeutic exercises, it helps improve the capabilities of the patient to move around the house on his/her own.

4.  Improve mobility

Therapeutic exercises done through physical therapy could help improve mobility. Most especially for patients who find moving a challenge right after they undergo surgery. Regardless of the patient’s age, a customized physical therapy could help improve the ability of an individual to walk, move, sit, and write. It could also help improve the balance of the patient to prevent them from falling.

5. Reduces injuries

People in the field of medicine most especially physical therapists, are pretty much aware of the high chances of injuries for athletes. Due to various sports and exercises, athletes most especially runners are prone to injuries. A solution to this? Physical therapy. Just by performing the right exercises for prevention, athletes could keep themselves from getting hurt. Physical therapy could also provide solutions to help the athlete recover fast from a previous injury.

6. Improves age-related issues

We do all agree that as we age, we are most likely to develop or experience health problems such as joint and muscle issues, arthritis, and osteoporosis. That is why physical therapists are always there to help recover patients who are needing to recover from such conditions. There are a lot of studies that could attest to the effectivity of physical therapy for seniors. Apart from that, PT is also proven to be a perfect approach to keep them healthy all throughout.

7. Manages heart and lung disease

Physical therapy is highly recommended for patients who are in the recovery process right after cardiac and lung rehabilitation after catching a heart attack. PT is also advised for those who need breathing exercises, strengthening and conditioning of the lungs to avoid pulmonary problems.

8. Helps manage diabetes and cardiovascular issues

There are a lot of exercises that could be done in order to manage blood sugar. For patients who are willing to try those exercises, it is expected for physical therapists to come up with an individual management plan that consists of the right combination of weight training and aerobic exercises.

9. Improves balance and movements

As emphasized above, exercises and therapeutic techniques in physical therapy are effective in improving balance and regaining strength for movements. Not only that – physical therapists can also help patients who have higher risks of falling. They will be able to come up with a series of exercises to help the patient improve its balance for safe walking. They can also provide exercises that could prevent factors of imbalance such as vertigo and dizziness.

10. Secures women’s health

Of course, women also encounter various health conditions. Most especially if a woman is pregnant, that is a time where physical therapy could be of huge help. Physical therapies could offer different exercises to help women deal with health issues. They could also give out specialized treatments for breast cancer, pelvic pain, constipation, and a lot more.

Importance of Physical Therapy

Similar to surgery, physical therapy may not also be the first resort to treat a health condition. However, physical therapy has long been proven to be effective when it comes to treating not just injuries, but as well as illnesses. It has also been proven that physical therapy is not only useful for patients who have health conditions but it is also beneficial for athletes.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

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  1. It’s interesting to know that therapeutic techniques in physical therapy will help yo improve your balance and gaining strength in your movements. My husband and I are thinking about how to help my brother who has an injury a couple of weeks ago, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of physical therapy to help him.

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