Asafoetida Benefits and Possible Side Effects

Asafoetida is commonly called the Food for the Gods. Not only is it a popular ingredient in exotic dishes, but it also serves as a treatment for certain types of diseases.


Asafoetida is commonly called the Food for the Gods. It is extracted from a species of the herb called ferula and belongs to the category of latex gum. This is due to the variety of uses people can remove from it.

Asafoetida is used in different dishes and cuisines. In India and the Middle East, it is a very popular ingredient. It is infused and curries and many more recipes to add flavor and a different taste of tanginess.

In addition to that, it also serves as a medicinal or topical treatment for certain types of diseases as well as the improvement of overall health and wellness. This is due to the antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative and diuretic properties of the herb. All these characteristics have earned its name – Food for the Gods.

Benefits of the Asafoetida Herb

Improves the Digestive System and Reduces Digestive Issues

The asafoetida herb is potent medicine for digestive issues which includes gassy stomach, bloated feeling, diarrhea, foreign organisms in the stomach, and stomach pain. It is a classic remedy to gut problems because first and foremost, it is an inflammatory agent.

To use Asafoetida herb as a remedy to gut issues, you can add a pinch to a hot drink. Research more on the safe dosage that you can only use in the process of healing whatever gut problem you might have.

Asafoetida Can Help Relieve you of Some Respiratory Problems

Asafoetida is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. It like like medicinal antibiotics in a way. With these characteristics at its belt, no wonder it does good in relieving people of certain respiratory diseases. With asafoetida herb at hand, you can help alleviate respiratory diseases like asthma, cough, bronchitis, and so on.

The other thing why asafoetida is a good thing for respiratory illness is it helps eliminate hard phlegm in the chest faster. You can dilute a little asafoetida in water and mix to form a paste. Then you can liberally apply the glue on your chest. Or you can pinch a little asafoetida and add it in your favorite herbal tea or lemon tea.

Asafoetida is Good for the Heart

This herb is useful for the heart, especially for blood flow. If you are someone who is suffering from poor blood circulation or high blood pressure the Asafoetida herb might help you in this area. It is a natural blood thinner and prevents blood clots in blood passages. Having a good blood circulation on your belt improves the condition of your blood and adds to the wellness of your circulatory system.

Asafoetida Helps Relieve the Symptoms of Menstruation

Since this herb helps improve blood circulation, it may help in alleviating the pain and cramps you might experience during your period.

All these benefits though should be consulted first with a proper doctor who is an expert on this matter and someone who knows about your health condition. All these benefits would all go to waste if you self medicate and get sick in the process due to misuse and wrong dosage. With this being said, let us get to know the possible side effects and risks of Asafoetida.

Side Effects

Yes, Asafoetida might indeed be the food for the Gods due to the fantastic benefit it has in store both for the culinary and medicinal world. It has its downsides though. Asafoetida has side effects that you might not have heard of since the boom of its massive marketing profile. These side effects and risks are facts that need to be taken seriously though because it is possible to happen to anyone in any circumstance.

Asafoetida Might Render Allergic Reactions to Some Parts of the Body Especially the Lips

Not everyone suits well with all the food imaginable out there. Indeed, with Asafoetida, not all person will not have an allergic reaction to it. A person with an allergic reaction to the Asafoetida herb might develop a swollen lip or an itchy part of the skin. This would go on at least for hours but would soon eventually go away and recede (this is of course if you immediately stop taking it). Swelling and itchiness in some parts of the skin are not usually harmful, but this should be treated by an immediate stop in the intake or application of Asafoetida. However, if you get a feeling your whole face or in your neck due to Asafoetida, you should immediately seek help from a doctor or admit yourself in the emergency room.

Asafoetida Herb Might Worsen Diarrhea

Yes, Asafoetida indeed helps in treating some illnesses in your digestive system but this does not work all the time as people have several and different conditions each time. What works for another might not work for you. Too much of Asafoetida might develop too much gas in your gut. This much gas might cause bloating, gassy feeling, and diarrhea (the worst). You do not want this to happen, so you might want to be careful in the usage of this herb.

Asafoetida Might Render Swelling of the Skin

Another allergic reaction and side effect of using the Asafoetida herb is the development of skin rashes or the development of swellings. This swelling looks inflamed and itchy and usually lasts in just a couple of minutes. However if your condition worsens and lasts for a day, please admit yourself to a nearby hospital and get treated.

Asafoetida Might Give You a Headache

Asafoetida might give you a headache, dizzy spells, loss of concentration, brain fog, and even nausea. This is treatable though with rest, food and water intake. However,  if the condition worsens, this might not be the works of the Asafoetida herb, there might be some underlying medical issue that causes it.

Asafoetida Might Have an Unwanted Interaction to People with Hypertension.

Asafoetida is scientifically proven to have an interaction with blood circulation. It is just logical to say that it might have an interaction with people who have issues regarding hypertension or hypotension. If you have these condition, it is best to not mess around the Asafoetida herb since it has a possible interaction with how the blood flows in your system.


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Negative Effects of Asafoetida

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