Ear Wax Removal: Can You DIY or Should You See A Doctor?

Cotton buds for ear wax removal

If you are unsure of doing the ear cleaning by yourself, it is best to go to the nearest clinic or hospital and ask for the help of your doctor. They will be able to perform different cleaning procedures on your behalf, and there are low chances that they will fail because it will be a medical professional who will handle the cleaning. Also, ear wax that gets hardened in time may be uneasy to remove because of their form, and sometimes solutions may not be enough.

Chest Congestion: Common Causes and Treatment

The most common causes of chest congestion are viruses, bacteria and airborne particles that lead to infections in the upper respiratory tract. Airborne particles are those particles that could be dust or allergens. When inhaled, these irritants can get trapped inside the mucous membrane which then travels to the throat accompanied by mucus. It will later cause your chest to be congested.

Myositis Ossificans: Risk Factors and Treatment

Man suffering from back muscle pain due to myositis ossificans

Basically, myositis ossificans can happen when there has been an error in the healing process of your body. During this time, your muscle cells are replaced by bone cells that are still immature. Of course, you will not be able to determine when this happens. You will know that there is already a problem in your system when a bump or lump occurs in your muscles. Most of the time, this happens a few weeks after you had the injury.